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The Kawaihoa Foundation was established to educate, promote and preserve the unique traditions and cultural heritage of the Hula, Polynesian Dances and other ethnic arts .  To support the purpose and activities of  Hālau Kawaihoa, Noa Noa Te Tiare Polynesian Dance Company and other established cultural ethnic organizations.


To enhance and to sustain strong cultural and spiritual values by better educating the hula, polynesian and other ethnic arts practitioner to care, support and respect, so that each practitioner, in aspiring to their full potential; spiritually and humbly, can make a contributing impact (by setting the example) to the communities and all walks of life.

To remain dedicated as an institution of protecting and perpetuating the traditions and cultural heritage of the hula, polynesian and other ethnic art forms.

Our work is to enable the Kawaihoa Foundation and its schools to survive, thrive, and enrich the lives of all those with the commitment and dedication to promote and preserve the hula, polynesian dances and other ethnic arts.

To recognize, acknowledge, respect and exemplify the living spirit of the hula, polynesian and other ethnic arts.  Through the understanding of the traditions and cultural resources, beliefs, tales, folklore and legends.

To be culturally aware and sensitive to issues and specific needs relative to the dance.  To empower community involvement and support.

To implement and coordinate workshops through public and private resources.
To maintain the protocol, teachings and history of past generations.

To encourage new, innovative and contemporary ideas for the present as well as the future.


In partnerships with the communities, private and public resources, corporate institutions and non-profit organizations, we are able as the Kawaihoa Foundation and its schools and associations, to work collaboratively to sustain and uphold the social, cultural, spiritual, and economic well-being of the hula, polynesian and other ethnic art forms for generations to come.


Hālau Kawailaniakea
Kumu Hula La'akea Arista

Hālau Na Pua A Lei
Kumu Hula Twyla Ululani Mendez

Hālau Keolakapuokalani
Kumu Hula Drake Keolakapu Delaforce'-Dudoit

Hālau Pa'akea Wai Lehua
Kumu Hula Wanda Akiu


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The Kawaihoa Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  The IRS Form 990 is available for review at www.guidestar.org

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